Our mission

DMorpheus is a pioneer for digitisation.

We enable business success in the new real digital world.

Our strategies lead to sustainable cost savings in companies, especially to COVID-19.

Look ahead. Together with us.

Through digital transition to real innovation.

Automating processes

Operational processes are considered to be holistic, since our focus is on the optimal symbiosis between human beings and technology.

We analyse which systems and tools are used for particular operations to get a clear understanding for potential improvements.

Latest technology is used to support processes in order to save manual activities and so create available resources for new ideas and creativity.

Migrating systems

We consider process optimisation to be a technical and economical task. Therefore we also analyse systems functioning as process platforms. We aim at reducing platform costs and maintaining or increasing throughput capacity and consequently improving efficiency.

In order to meet this targets we develop appropriate migration strategies for our customers and are available during the time needed for their implementation, e.g. up to the end of existing license agreements.


Increasing productivity

Automated processes are the base for improving value creation. They facilitate organisational, technical and economical streamlining.

Optimal technical support for daily routines results in positive effects regarding productivity and achieving business targets.

We focus on accomplishing this condition.

Reducing costs

Automated processes have already increased productivity. However, we are not leaving it at that.


We analyse those infrastructure costs which are the base of your business-critical applications where the highest expenses arise.

Through targeted dissolving of technical and contractual arrangements as well as related migration to technically and economically advanced systems, we achieve sustainable reduction of your fixed costs.


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